Welcome to Adversator
n°1 browser moba
in the world !


Welcome to Adversator
n°1 browser moba
in the world !


Cross-platform browser and mobile!

In Adversator you can play with anybody, friends can meet up
and enjoy regardless of their gaming platform!

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Simple rules !

In Adversator there are two teams competing against each other.
The victory will be awarded to the team that has destroyed
the opposite base.
To help you, a wave of soldiers will be spawned every 45 seconds.
Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain experience(xp) points
and gold.
Xp points will make you increase your levels, each new level
give you access to a new skill level.
Gold will let you buy items in the shop.

Great characteristics!

  • Play as registered or guest ! no constraints!
  • Browser and Android, play with your friends from anywhere !
  • Instant joining, don't wait to play anymore!
  • thousands of games per week, you will never play alone!
  • Hop-In/Hop-Out, jump in and leave when you want, no penalty!
  • Ladder! Compete with other players to reach the top level the first !

Learn to play with the Wiki!

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