Fingorion is a stealth assassin, when he jump into fight, he does great damage ! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed non risus. Suspendisse lectus tortor, dignissim sit amet, adipiscing nec, ultricies sed, dolor. Cras elementum ultrices diam. Maecenas ligula massa, varius a, semper congue, euismod non, mi. Proin porttitor, orci nec nonummy molestie, enim est eleifend mi, non fermentum diam nisl sit amet erat. Duis semper. Duis arcu massa, scelerisque vitae, consequat in, pretium a, enim. Pellentesque congue. Ut in risus volutpat libero pharetra tempor. Cras vestibulum bibendum augue.
Here is supposed to go the lore, if you have inspirations feel free to contact me !



Main attribute Agility
Attack range 6
+Strength/level 1.7
+Intelligence/level 1.2
+Agility/level 3.4
Base damage 20
Base armor 2
Base magic resistance 3.5
Base move speed 38
Base attack speed 0.4
Base HP 120
Base MP 50
Base Strength 15
Base Inteligence 15
Base Agility 35


Cast an area of effect silence. Mana: 100/105/110/120 CoolDown: 15/14/13/12 minimum distance to cast: 10 area of effect: 3/4/5/6 damage: 90/130/170/210 Duration: 0.8/1/1,2/1,4 Damage: 110/160/210/260
Nobody yells anymore. Let's hear the nature.
Venom Arrow
Launch a poisoned projectile that slow and deal damage over time. mana: 70/75/80/85 cooldown: 8/7/6/5 initial damage: 60/80/100/120 cast distance: 6.3/6.6/6.9/7.2 duration: 3/3.5/4/4.5 armor modification: -2/-3/-4/-5 move speed modification: -4/-8/-12/-16
Now that your prey is wounded, take your time.
Assassin's call
Increase the agility and attack speed for a short time. Mana:75/95/115/135 CoolDown:18/16/14/12 added agility: 15/20/25/30 added attack speed: 5/20/35/50 duration:3/5/7/9
More more more !
Sudden death
Gives you a chance to make a critical strike. Chance: 5%/10%/15% Critical : 120%/180%/240%
Did you think it was a little blow ?


Fingorion is pretty weak, he has low hp, so you better hide and stay far from big fights. Once the team mates engaged, you can enter in fight and pick up the low HP enemies one by one. From far cast Hush stay far with Assassin's call if someone is trying to escape send a Venom arrow to slow him down.