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Here is supposed to go the lore, if you have inspirations feel free to contact me !



Main attribute Strength
Attack range Mele
+Strength/level 3.1
+Intelligence/level 1.3
+Agility/level 2.3
Base damage 30
Base armor 2
Base magic resistance 4
Base move speed 36
Base attack speed 0.5
Base HP 50
Base MP 30
Base Strength 32
Base Inteligence 15
Base Agility 15


Iron knock
Launch a projectile that stuns the enemy and does damage. Mana:100/110/130/150 CoolDown:24/22/20/18 Duration:.08/1/1,2/1,4 Damage:110/160/210/260
It's a Bird... It's a Plane...It's the strength fist coming right into your face.
Confident passage
Grant armor to all nearby allies. mana: 100/110/120/130 cooldown: 25/24/23/22 added armor: 10/13/16/19 added hp regen: 10/13/16/19 duration: 11/12/13/14
All of a sudden, all the allies are becoming stronger.
Ground crush
Strike the ground dealing damage, slowing and stunning. Mana:100/110/130/150 CoolDown:24/22/20/18 Area of effect:3 Slow: 50/100/150/200 Slow duration: 1.5/2/2.5/3 Stun duration:1/1,25/1,5/1,75 Damage:100/150/2000/250
When the heroe comes, everybody trembles.
Call Of The Titan
Transform the knight into a titan. Strength bonus: 20/30/40/50 Hp bonus: 150/200/250/300 Armor bonus: 10/20/30/40 Mana cost: 150/200/250/300 Cooldown: 60/55/50/45 Duration: 7/10/13/16
Know you are really the son of Ouranos.


Raxxor is a super tank character, you can both init and hold big attacks. For initiation: begin with Iron knock then get closer and hit with ground crush, finish with Call of the titan and Confident passage, do prevent being disabled.
You can push towers easily with Raxxor, once close to a tower with your creep wave around just cast Confident passage and finish the tower as fast as possible.